It’s that time of year again. We all lose our minds a bit for a few weeks in March. We frantically fill out our brackets, get in the pool at work – then watch our brackets get busted the first weekend. It’s disappointing and exhilarating at the same time. It’s the official sign that Spring is just around the corner.

Do you know what else March Madness is?

It’s the start of the season where 40% of all homes on the market sell. The start of Spring makes people think of fresh starts, new homes and moving before school starts in the Fall. So if you’re thinking about selling – or buying a home – now’s the time to literally get moving and get in the game.

Need some tips on how to start?

These are some quick tips to organize your game plan. Refer back to our previous blogs, Curb Appeal and Deep Cleaning Your Home Before Selling for some more in depth ideas.

  1. Clean the windows inside and out so your home glows with sunshine. You’d be surprised how pretty a home can look with bright sunshine filling the rooms. It instantly makes people happy and feel welcome.
  2. Give your home a quick pick-me-up by changing out pillows on the couches and chairs with pretty Spring colors. Buying some inexpensive new pillows in soft greens, yellows and pinks will give a face lift to any room.
  3. Do you love lilacs, hyacinths and daffodils? Most people do. Put some in pots on your porch and put some fresh cut fragrant ones in the house in vases. The smell of Spring will score some extra points with buyers.
  4. This one should have been first instead of last but I didn’t want to sound self serving. Get yourself a good coach. Having an experienced realtor will help you price and stage your home to its best advantage – and help you find the right next home for you and your family.

So enjoy March Madness – and take advantage of the best time of year to list your home. With the perfect strategy and a coach with fantastic knowledge of the game, you’ll win. Frankly it’s a bit easier than building a winning bracket.